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Cubby = Dropbox + Windows Live Mesh + Crashplan
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Cloud storage and synchronizing services pop up and disappear almost as quickly as Instagram's employees became mega millionaires.  Who remembers Apple's MobileMe, Microsoft's Foldershare, MyBloop (unlimited storage), oosah, XDrive, or HP's Upline?  More recently, Motorola acquired and is shutting down ZumoDrive, which even has mobile clients unlike its many predecessors.

Perennial cloud storage favorites DropBox and Box.net have a new competitor: Cubby from remote access powerhouse LogMeIn (currently in limited Beta testing by request).  With 5GB free online storage, file versioning and built-in synchronization that lets you choose whether or not to use online storage, Cubby has most of the best features of DropBox, Windows Live Mesh / SkyDrive and Crashplan.  What's the catch?

It seems just about everyone wants in on the cloud storage game - from hardware manufacturers like Apple (iCloud), Asus (Asus Web Storage), Lacie (Wuala), Motorola (MotoCast) to software providers like Microsoft (Skydrive) and Internet service providers like Amazon (Amazon Cloud Drive) and Google (Google Drive - just announced).  Other companies focus online on online storage and / or backup, like Carbonite, Crashplan, and Mozy.  Unlike other cloud storage or sync software offerings, Crashplan allows you to sync your computer with another computer - on your LAN or across the Internet - for free.  Unlike any other, that is, until Cubby, which also allows unlimited, non-cloud synchronization across the LAN or Internet.

Though Cubby has sharing and desktop collaboration, it doesn't yet have web-based collaboration (i.e. the ability to modify files through the browser) as with Microsoft SkyDrive and Google Drive.  Unlike Apple's iOS-only iCloud and Amazon's Android-only Cloud Drive, Cubby isn't limited to a single desktop and / or mobile platform.  Even though Google's release of Google Drive overshadowed Cubby, the free, unlimited synch without using cloud storage option may be compelling for many (not to mention being a minor threat to Crashplan).  But will it be enough to bring the inevitable revenue of additional online storage or, possibly ad revenue through the Cubby client (desktop and mobile) software?  That remains to be seen...

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