Open Source CMS Social Media Marketing Review
Swamp Tech

 While working on a social media marketing plan for RavenNuke™ CMS (content management system), a review of three major CMS applications provided some interesting insights into different approaches for similar software, including Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress.

This compares the main navigation, about and getting involved pages, social media marketing (links, calls to social media action, etc.), use of major social media functions (Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus), and marketing support.  Although the main navigation, about, and getting involved pages aren't specifically intended to support social media marketing, this content provides insight into the important messages these projects want to make on the project website - and in social media marketing efforts.  The links to major social media functions enable quick reference to see how well the actual social media content support those efforts.


CMS Drupal Joomla Wordpress
Main navigation Get started, community, documentation, support, download & extend, marketplace, about About, getting started, core features, technical requirements, demo site, create and share, download, get involved, support, about, mailing lists, in your language, fan art Showcase, themes, plugins, mobile, support, get involved, about, blog, hosting, download
About page organization Open source, community support, history, commercial services, donating, press releases, what's new, marketing resources, social media directory Mission, team members, partners, logos Intro, requirements, features, testimonials, logos / graphics, fan art, contact, license, roadmap, philosophy, statistics
Getting Involved page organization Development, marketing, user support, test results, translations Answer questions, write / translate tutorial / documentation, develop extension / template, test / comment on issue report, join Core, UI, accessibility, plugins, themes, support, polyglots (translations), mobile
Social media marketing No social media links on main page, but “Social Media Directory” shows all links Community page shows twitter followers, Youtube subscriptions.

About page shows Twitter (Tweet), Facebook (Share), LinkedIn (Share), Google Plus (+1), Facebook (Like), Pinterest (Pin it)
Main page has Facebook like, Twitter follow, mobile link
Facebook Drupal Joomla Wordpress
Twitter @drupal @joomla @wordpress
Google+ Page Drupal Joomla! Wordpress
G+ Community Drupal Community on G+ Joomla Community on G+ Wordpress
Marketing support Marketing resources Logos, fan Art Logos, fan art
Interesting Marketing resources includes “Elevator-pitches” Links to Joomla “Community” portal and has it’s own “Joomla Social Site Highlights “BuddyPress” social layer on main page