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Reviews, comparisons, and opinions about the latest technology products, services, trends and anything of interest to the thick glasses crowd!

Swamp Geek: Android

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SwampGeek Android TV & Fire TV apps - December 2017 More about Read More...

Android TV apps continue to evolve and expand, even as old favorites like Kodi decline.  Here are the SwampGeek recommended Android TV & Fire TV apps for December 2017.        

Click the image to view screenshots of the December 2017 Android TV Apps

Although popular Kodi plugins have disappeared, others have evolved and been renamed in order to continue providing links to content.

New Android apps, also supported by Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, offer good alternatives to the ever popular Kodi, including:

  • Terrarium TV - probably the best alternative, but must be downloaded from backup sources as the GitHub download has been removed
  • Stremio - available in the Play Store
  • Pluto TV (untested)
  • Cloud TV (untested)
  • TubiTV (untested)
  • YouTube
  • (commercial) Amazon Prime Instant Video (not available in the Play Store for Android phones, tables and TV boxes for newer Android versions)
  • (commercial) Netflix
  • (commercial) WatchESPN (requires cable subscription account login)

Many other apps can enhance your Android TV for Amazon Fire devices...

Just Got an Android, now what?

First, welcome to Android! One of the major benefits of this open operating system is flexibility - instead of one-size-fits all, you can choose to replace any app or function with something different and better - for you.

For links, see my Appbrain list of apps for new Androids. If you get an AppBrain account (and install the AppBrain App Market & Fast Web Installer), you can select all these apps and install from the list. And since this list changes as apps improve or new apps are released, you can follow the list.

I've tested over 500 apps - very few of which were games. Since games & social apps are more subjective, my list includes security , replacement of standard apps, widgets / productivity, and utilities. Most are free.  2 that aren't on the list because they aren't on the market: Amazon Appstore and GetJar (both offer free paid apps). It also doesn't include apps that require root access (there is another list for that).

Security: avast! Mobile Security (with Theft Aware), Wave Secure, Carrr Matey

Replacements: Dolphin Browser, Handcent SMS or Go SMS Pro, K-9 Mail, SwiftKey X, Winamp, (Elecont) Weather, Radar, Alerts, Quakes

Productivity: Tasker or AutomateIt (free), Astrid Task / Todo List, Jorte (calendar), Evernote, Google+, GroupMe, Pulse News, Vlingo, Voice Alerts

Interface: Aix Weather Widget, Audio Manager, Auto App Organizer, DayWeekBar English, Executive Assistant, Fancy Widget, Make Your Clock Widget, QuickDesk, SysInfo Widget, WiFi Manager, Widgetsoid

Utilities: CacheCleaner NG, JuiceDefender, DiskUsage, AntTek or Astro or ES File Explorer


Incredible, free Android apps More about

As Google's Android overtakes a rotting Apple in the marketplace, the availability of quality applications continues to grow.  Though I'm still evaluating apps for several purposes (e.g. 2 apps for file management, 2 apps for tethering my Droid Incredible, 2 FTP servers - not clients), it's simply, pardon the pun, Incredible what is already available.  Check out AppBrain.com's combination of web-based app installation and Android-based app utility.  As a bonus, AppBrain provides this nifty web accoutrement, which shows my Incredible Android apps:





Page 1 of 1 (3 total stories) [ 1 ]  

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